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Green Technology is winning....

The utility industry is being turned upside-down by renewable energy technologies.  The days are numbered for the billion dollar, centralized power plants.  Solar and wind are scalable technologies.  They can easily be used to establish micro-grids that are less vulnerable to outages caused by storms or computer hackers intent on bringing down the national grid.  


Raton has a long history of energy independence, operating our own coal-fired power plant for decades.  This provided our residents with reliable power and we kept our dollars in our local economy.  Renewable energy technologies can bring those days back to our community, while reducing our impact on the environment.


Join our new community advocacy group - ENERGIZED - as we grow local support for renewable energy, greater conservation and a return to energy independence for our community.  WIth our city's power purchase agreement expiring in the coming years, Raton has an incredible opportunity to look towards the future and support Raton Public Services in their quest to provide reliable, affordable power for their rate payers.

We look forward to advancing the prospects for renewable energy in our community, providing lower rates, improved reliability, more jobs and greater local economic impact.

If you are interested in helping us advocate for renewable energy, please call us or send us an email!

For information about the tremendous change underfoot for the utility industry and the rise of micro-grids, check out these websites: New Energy Economy – a NM organization Out of CO.  A great resource for information.  100 ways to lower carbon emissions w/great links to videos  Institute for Local Self Reliance  Rocky Mountain Institute

For information about careers in renewable energy, green building and other related fields, check out Santa Fe Community College:

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