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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When did this program start?

2. Who is eligible to participate?

3. Is there any cost for the service?

4. What types of jobs are available?

5. What are the pay ranges for the jobs?

6. Do jobs come with benefits?

7. Can I get training?

8. Do I need phone and internet?

9. Do I need a home office?

10. Do I need to be a computer expert?

11. What if I don't have a space to work at home?

12. How is the program funded?


When did this program start?

This is a brand-new jobs initiative formed by the Center for Sustainable Community and GrowRaton!  We received funding in February, 2018 to start this pilot project with extensive support from the City of Raton.


Who is eligible to participate in the program?

The program is restricted to New Mexico residents, with our target population being those residing in Colfax, Union and Harding counties.


Is there any cost for the service?

There are no fees tied to our services.  The services do not pay for computers, other hardware, or any costs an applicant may incur to set up their home with internet and/or phone.


What types of jobs are available?

There are many different types of work-at-home jobs, ranging from entry level all the way up to senior management positions.  Our database has a full range of opportunities with companies throughout the US.  Some examples include:

  1. Customer Service

  2. Reservations (e.g., hotel, rental car, cruise ships)

  3. Sales

  4. Technical Support


Other interesting opportunities include teaching English to students in China, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


What are the pay ranges of jobs?

Entry level jobs typically start at $10/hr and some senior management jobs are salaried up to $100k+.


Do jobs come with benefits?

Many jobs are full-time jobs, minimum commitment of 30-35 hrs/wk.  They will often come with the regular benefits of a full-time job such as health insurance and vacation pay.


Can I get training?

We will provide some guidance on how to prepare for entry level jobs, but it will be up to you to utilize the resources we provide.  We don’t teach classes or provide private tutoring.  However, many companies provide the training you’ll need.  When you complete your Check-up process, you’ll have a good idea what you’ll need to do to get ready to apply for a job.


Do I need phone and internet?

Probably yes to both.  Many jobs require a land-line phone, not a cell phone; and almost all will require internet and a computer. 


Do I need a home office?

You’ll need a quiet place to work, particularly if you are taking phone calls.  No dogs, kids or loud noises will be acceptable in the background.  If your cat is like my cat, who loves to meow really loud whenever I get on the phone, you’ll need to be able to close yourself off in a quiet room!


Do I have to be a computer expert for these jobs?

Nope.  Many jobs are customer service jobs that range from sales to reservations.  You’ll need good basic computer skills, however, so if you don’t know anything about computers, it will be tough to find you a work-at-home job.


Does the program provide a place to work if I can’t work at home?

We are evaluating this option and it will depend on demand.  We are not currently set up to provide this support, but may build this out if needed.  There would be a fee for a user of a space to work, but this fee structure won’t be defined until we figure out all the details.


How is this program funded?

The New Mexico Solo Worker Program was established in 2016 under the Economic Development Department (EDD) to encourage Solo Worker job creation and increase the commercial revenue from out-of-state sources.


The purpose of the program is to improve New Mexico’s rural and urban economies by creating sustainable, economic-base jobs and expanding businesses owned and operated by Solo Workers engaged in economic-base jobs.


To implement the Solo Worker program, EDD is launching a one-year pilot that will provide matching funding to approved programs which make New Mexico and its local communities more competitive for creating, attracting and retaining Solo Workers by creating opportunities for New Mexico residents to become Solo Workers and supporting the continued employment and business expansion of existing Solo Workers (entrepreneurs), engaged in economic-base jobs. EDD has allocated $350,000 for the NM Solo Worker Program in FY 2018.

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