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NOTE: The CCK is no longer ran by the Center, but by the City of Raton. The information on this page may not be accurate.  Call (575) 445-9551 for more info on how to get started.
About CCK
The Coal Camp Kitchen was born through the efforts of dedicated Raton food lovers, particularly Lucy Romero, Florence Higgins and Linde Shuster.  The Kitchen is financially supported by the City of Raton with the goal of diversifying Raton's economy.  The Kitchen has received grant funding from the USDA and NM Department of Economic Development through the LEADS program, with guidance and support from GrowRaton!.

We want to thank Thoughtfully Produced for their guidance in getting us started!
The Coal Camp Commercial Kitchen provides a safe and fully certified commercial kitchen to food entrepreneurs, allowing them to market and sell their products to the public through all distribution channels.

Support services are offered to help navigate the path to success through the Center for Community Innovation.  Whether you are looking to create your own part-time income or build a full-time business, we have resources and guidance to help you on your way. 
Restaurant Kitchen
The Kitchen
The Coal Camp Commercial Kitchen is equipped with a great selection of equipment to make your food processing safe and efficient.  Here are the basics of what the kitchen provides and does not provide.  Some equipment and services have an extra fee associated with them, but most items are included in the basic hourly rental rates.  Check Fees and Pricing for details.
Bring Your Own:
  • Pots, pans and utensils
  • Food storage bins
  • Secure storage cages are available for rental to hold your personal items
  • Rubber gloves for cleaning
Facility Features Include:
  • 3-Compartment Sink
  • Chemical Dishwasher
  • Walk-in Cooler (fee for overnight storage)
  • Chest Freezers (fee for overnight storage)
  • Ice Maker
  • Baking Rack w/trays
Food Prep and Cooking Equipment Include:
  • Gas Stove-top and Griddle
  • 30 gallon Tilt Skillet
  • Convection Oven and standard oven
  • 20 quart Stand Mixer
  • 15 gallon Piston Filler
  • 6 gallon Steam-jacketed Kettle
  • Vacuum Sealer (additional fee for use)
  • Continuous Feed Food Processor
  • 14 quart Pressure Cooker
  • Immersion Blender
Accessories Include:
  • Digital Scale
  • pH Meter
  • Label Printer (additional fee for use)
Cleaning and Food Safety Supply Kit (additional fee) Includes:
  • Towels and wash rags
  • Nitrile and Poly Gloves
  • Hair Nets
The Coal Camp Policies have several central goals:
  1. Focus on supporting the development of food entrepreneurs.
  2. Keep pricing and policies flexible to suit the diverse needs of our clients.
  3. Ensure that the facility serves other community needs, including other non-profit organizations.
The complete policy manual is available here, but here are the core policies:
  1. Food businesses get priority with scheduling and pricing.
  2. Food businesses have access to all of the available equipment.  Other entities will not have use of some equipment.  Full details are in the policy manual.
  3. All entities using the kitchen MUST have documented food safety training available before use of the kitchen is permitted.  
  4. Food businesses are not allowed to have children in the kitchen during food processing.
  5. Food businesses must have liability insurance.  Details of insurance requirements are described in the policy manual.
  6. Organizations, other than food businesses, must have the proper event permits from the City and the Health Department to utilize the kitchen.
  7. Absolutely no pets allowed in the kitchen.
  8. Non-discrimination statement
Pricing plans have three tiers based on the type of use:

Fiesta Plan:

  • This rate is for individuals or organizations that could use the benefit of the commercial equipment to prepare food for personal consumption or for the public at a local event.

  • Hourly rental at a rate of $15/hr, with all-day (10-hour) rentals for $100.

  • Use of a storage cage is not included.

  • No overnight storage of refrigerated or frozen goods without rental of the Convention Center.

  • Must have minimum of Food Handler Safety certification and catering permit if food is being prepared for public consumption.

  • Proper events permits are required.

  • Cleaning deposit required ($40)


Day Plan:

  • This membership level is great for a food business that is just starting up, a local restaurant, or a business that runs small batches at a time.

  • Discounted kitchen rate of $10/hr.

  • Free use of overnight refrigerated and/or freezer storage.

  • Must have a food business licensed by City.

  • Must have Food Manager certification.

  • Cleaning deposit required ($40)


Incubator Membership Plan (for businesses up to one year old):

  • Monthly fee of $50.

  • Includes ten hours of time in kitchen.

  • Discounted kitchen rate of $5/hr after five hours.

  • Includes use of all kitchen equipment.

  • Includes use of one storage cage for equipment and dry goods.

  • Includes one dedicated refrigerated shelf space (additional for $10/mo per space.)

  • Dedicated, ongoing freezer space available for $10/mo per space.

  • Access to utilize specialized equipment including vacuum packager and label printer for additional fees.

Wooden Chopping Board
To learn more about the kitchen and business development services,
please give us a call at (575) 245-9000 or email us at
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