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Small businesses and start-ups now have more resources

from the CU partnership with Trinidad!  

Demystifying Entrepreneurship
StartUp to ScaleUp
Small Business Workshop

July 23rd-24th 
COventure Forward
Dedicated mentors at your service!
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Dreaming of starting your own business?
Looking for ideas to scale and grow?
Searching for innovative inspiration?

Join CU Professor Erick Mueller and small business start-up expert Visda Carson are returning to Trinidad for another valuable workshop!


Demystifying Entrepreneurship
StartUp to ScaleUp

COST: $50 with limited free scholarships
Friday, July 23rd
2702 Freedom Rd.
Trinidad, CO 81082

6:00 PM  TO 8:30 PM
Welcome session, introductions and some fun
Design Thinking exercises

Saturday, July 24th
Main St. Live
131 W. Main St.
Trinidad, CO 81082
8:00 AM TO 4:30 PM
Full Agenda HERE


Erick Mueller has helped businesses grow throughout his career. Currently, Mueller is Chairman and co-founder of Funovation, which creates heart-pounding addictive attractions that require brain and brawn. He has led the company from an idea to over 180 locations throughout 21 countries. Funovation has been awarded a Top Colorado Company to Watch and a Top Boulder County Company.

In addition, Mueller is an award winning Adjunct Professor and Director of the Cross Campus Entrepreneurship Program at the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder, where he has been rated by students among the top MBA instructors.


He leads a Global Seminar each summer, Entrepreneurship & Empowerment in South Africa, helping disadvantaged businesses in the Townships. Mueller also helps with the Veterans Entrepreneurship Program, helping disabled military veterans start businesses.


Visda Carson has over 30 years of business experience. In a span of 24 years at Accenture, the largest global consulting firm, Visda rose to the Managing Director of the Denver office, with 700 employees, responsible for driving local market and business development across 15 clients and target clients.  She gained her start-up, small business experience as the Executive Vice President of Client Services & Delivery at an e-learning organization in Boulder. 
Since 2016, Visda has been serving as adjunct faculty at Leeds School of Business, where she has taught a number of classes, (spanning/including the topics of) entrepreneurship, strategy and consulting.


CU COventure

Whether you’re a small business owner or the founder of a high-growth startup, these are trying times. And it’s during these trying times that quick support and feedback from seasoned, battle-hardened mentors can make all the difference in your business operations.

CU COventure gives you one-on-one access to mentors and CU faculty. 

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