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What is a Local Food System?

The central idea of a Local Food System is that, as a community,

we gain more control over the food we eat. 

Raton has several local projects starting up to help build our local food system.  If you are interested in any of these projects, please contact us!

  1. The Coal Camp Commercial Kitchen is in operation and accepting applications.  If you want to start a food business give us a call. 

  2. The Raton Intermediate School is working in partnership with the supporters of the Community Garden to build a School Garden.  If you want community garden space or want to help our kids learn how to grow food, let us know.

  3. The Community Garden, the Raton Farmers Market and the Center are establishing a proposal for the El Portal lot in Raton (across from the Post Office).  This project would house gardens, the Farmers Market and a greenhouse, along with community space.

  4. A small buying club has been established to gain access to high quality vegetables and other food items. We hope this can grow into a full-fledged food co-op over time.  For more info, call Patchwork Phoenix and check this website.

The image below illustrates the many opportunities we can consider to improve our community's food independence.  

More on food….

Sustainable agriculture practices affect the ecological health of New Mexico and the world. Our partners at Santa Fe Community College, in their Controlled-Environment Agriculture program, assist in efforts to revitalize agriculture production and support local food systems. A large part of the program involves a variety of hands-on experiential tasks in one of several operating systems, including aquaponics and hydroponics.  Check them out - they are true innovators while still being accessible to every skill level.

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